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Founded in 1995, La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center continues its tradition of unparalleled excellence, delivering the highest quality surgical care utilizing the most advanced hair transplant methods available today.

For us, at La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center there is but one truly satisfying definition for a hair transplant: “the artful application of science.” The physician must be medically qualified as well as artistically talented. This is what separates one transplant surgeon from the other. Our promise is to provide you with a level of artistry uncommon in the hair transplant profession.

We are not about the obvious. The true artistry of the transplant is to make it virtually undetectable… to avoid being obvious. Thankfully, the days of “corn rows” and “plugs” are long gone. Today, a truly accomplished transplant surgeon, such as Dr. Timothy Carman M.D., can deftly create an undetectable work of art. Talent and experience make the difference, along with an additional component unique to our practice setting: we do not allow compromise to the artistic integrity of each procedure, an event that too often occurs in “assembly line” surgery. Each and every patient deserves the time and care required to make his or her hair transplant as natural as possible. As you will come to understand, the critical difference between hair transplant surgeons is not only their proficiency, but also how they interact with patients. At La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center personal attention to detail and the natural development of the doctor-patient relationship are crucial to the ultimate success of the surgical plan.

Prior to performing any transplant, a thorough final plan must be created. This requires time and attention to detail. This is an indispensable part of the artistry of the process. For us, every patient potentially represents a unique work of art. First we concentrate on the general hair pattern and hair graft type that is most appropriate to the individual’s head, age and hair characteristics. How deep should the zone of feathered scalp line be? How much density is attainable and desired? How should the density be distributed? How many hairs should the multi-haired minigraft have in the various areas of the scalp? Our goal is to roll back the balding process… to restore your hairline and/or to achieve a fuller look. Hence, every session is carefully planned. Accordingly, the number of sessions required depends upon the final result being sought. At La Jolla Hair Restoration, we perform only one case per day and, consequently, we are able to give the undivided attention of Dr. Reed, Dr. Carman and their experienced staff to each and every patient we treat. As a team, we appreciate and enjoy the responsibility given us in carrying out one of the more satisfying decisions of your life.

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